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European Commission published its report on trans fats in foods

2015-12-07 13:32

On 3 December 2015 the European Commission published its outstanding report on trans fats in foods. According to the report the risk of dying from heart disease is between 20% to 32% higher when 2% of the daily eaten energy is consumed as trans fats as compared to different other fats or carbohydrates. For this reason the Commission considers to reduce the daly intake by mandatory labelling, selfregulation and/or maximum limits. In its report the Commission came out in favour of limits, whereby further research is to be done.

Trans fats are a particular type of fats that may be produced industrially as partially hydrogenated oils. Trans fats can also be naturally present in the fat of cows, sheep or goats, such as in meat or dairy products. Industrial trans fats levels have been decreasing in selected food groups in the past decades but not uniformly across European countries. In some Central and Southern European countries such ans Sweden, Croatia, Poland, Bulgaria an Slovenia there are products on the market with relaive high industrial fat contents.

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