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Revision of Swiss food Law

2017-01-26 10:21

Switzerland published a package of revised food regulations which will come into force in May 2017. Following the revision of the General Food Law in 2014 Switzerland has amended further regulations and ordinances to a greater degree with its EU neighbours. While the legislation is quite similar, however there are some differences, which are as follows:

  • The obligation to indicate the country of origin exists further
  • In contrast to current EU legislation maxium levels for vitamins and minerals are provided regarding food supplements and enriched foods.
  • The new food regulation introduce detailed requirements for the characterisation of fishery products, as well as the mandatory indication of the use of hormonal or non-hormonal substances which increase the animal performance.

Under the current legislation, foodstuffs not specifically complying with Swiss technical standards can be placed on the Swiss market only if an authorisation is requested.

From May 2017, a product can be placed on the Swiss market provided it is safe and complies with general Swiss food provisions.

Regarding novel foods authorisation procedures remain in place.


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