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European Parliament: Mandatory Origin Labelling for Milk and Meat Products

2016-05-30 14:43

On 12 May 2016 the European Parliament (EP) voted in favour of mandatory origin labelling for meat and milk products. The EP urgred the European Commission to come up with legislative proposals to make labelling of origin mandatory for processed meat and all kind of drinking milk and dairy products.

If you like more information, in particular whether  such proposals are likely to come, please click the text. 

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Clean labelling within the limits of the law

2016-05-18 07:43

Food companies turn more to clean labelling. Kieffer Legal Services worked out a report on the legal limits of clean labelling. For more information, please click  here to read the full report.


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Conditions of use regarding the terms "vegan" and "vegetarian"

2016-05-18 07:30

On 22 April 2016 the German ministries for consumer protection agreed on the definitions of the terms "vegan" and "vegetarian".

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