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Terms and Conditions of Sale and Delivery

2016-06-29 17:22

Many companies do not use terms and conditions of sale and delivery. This bears risks. Such terms can be publsihed on the company´s website, but they only become integral part of the contract between the supplier and purchaser, if there is a clear refernce to them in the commerical correspondence.

Which items should be covered?

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Labelling of Vegan and Vegetarian Foods Replacing Meat and Milk Derived Products

2016-06-29 16:41

Vegan and vegetarian products are becoming more and more popular. For that reason we drafted a short checking list how to label them in order to avoid conflicts.

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Deceptive Packagings: Legal Situation

2016-06-29 16:10

According to a ruling of the Higher Regional Court of Hamburg deceptive packagings can be misleading as they give consumers a false impression regarding their actual contents (Az: 3 U 207 15).

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