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© Martin Kieffer - Attorney
Kieffer Legal Services
Law Firm
Rochusstraße 217, 53123 Bonn
NRW / Germany

Tel.: +49 228 18060951
Fax: +49 228 18060952


Kieffer Legal Services represents national and foreign companies; either medium sized or listed on the stock exchange, including organizations, individual and handicraft enterprises.

Our services are holistically orientated and being integrated in strong partnerships (associations; research institutes, science, laboratories, public relation agencies, international co-operations).

Examples of projects:

  • Regular support of the legal department of a major food company (listed on the stock exchange)
  • Export advice (e.g. drafting a legal opinion regarding the internationalization of a major beverage producer; e. g legal framework of possible target markets)
  • Protection of a geographical indication for a Russian drinks association (e.g. drafting a technical file, application, monitoring of the registration process)
  • Development of an umbrella brand name for local food producers (e.g. legal conditions, statutes, license contracts, registration, controlling/sanctions); for more information please see the video clip of the WDR which is a German public broadcast company
  • Advisory services for the Georgian wine sector lead-managed by the AFC Consultants International. Kieffer Legal Services is still in charge for an analysis on how to adjust the Georgian wine law in order to gradually achieve approximation with the European wine legislation.
  • Trainings and workshops (e.g. for the Research and Teaching Institute for Brewing in Berlin/VLB)
  • Authorization and notification of Novel Food

In addition Kieffer Legal Service provides current legal advice as mentioned under the areas of law (see “services”). We beg for your comprehension, that we do not disclose client names.

Please see also „AnwaltKommentar RVG – den kann man nicht mit Geld aufwiegen" MARTIN KIEFFER, ATTORNEY

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Martin Kieffer is co-author of the practice handbook of food labelling of the Behr´s Verlag and member of the German Federation for Food Law and Food Science (Bund für Lebensmittelrecht und Lebensmittelkunde e.V. - BLL).